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Russian GTA V modder caught illegally mining Monero
Each day, we become witnesses to the increasing popularity of the Monero cryptocurrency and the rising number of malware developers who seek to make quick money by forcing the PCs of regular users to mine Monero for their profit. The idea is simple, a script is added to the... Read more
Necurs Malware Receives an Update
The security software company Symantec recently reported that a well-known malware virus known under the name of Necurs or the Necurs downloader. So far, this particular piece of malware and the botnet that it creates have been regarded as relatively insignificant, yet the new changes and improvements that Symantec... Read more
Google Chrome Security Improvements
Browser security is currently more important than it has ever been with a constantly increasing number of shady applications and extensions that seek to exploit browser vulnerabilities. Every week more and more Browser Hijacker and Adware programs pop-up that try to change the default page of your browser, add... Read more
Privacy violation by Windows 10 telemetry
Collection of personal data It is widely-known that many software developers tend to collect data from their users. In the rapidly evolving world of technology, information is an expensive currency and everybody tries to get their hands on as much data as possible. Logically, this has lead to the... Read more
PirateBay once again mining Monero through CoinHive “Virus”
PirateBay once again mining Monero through CoinHive “Virus” About a month ago, PirateBay, the largest torrent site on the Internet, ran a test using the recently released a Monero mining JavaScript called CoinHive “Virus”. Monero is a cryptocurrency similar to the infamous Bitcoins which has recently become more popular... Read more
Crypto-Loot – a new cryptojacking service
Crypto-Loot We have already written a couple of articles concerning a recently developed scheme for mining the Monero Cryptocurrency known as cryptojacking. The concept of this scheme is as follows: a JavaScript code is added to a website, a web service or an app such as a browser extension,... Read more
Currently, the credit card details of must customers who purchase goods online are handled and stored by the platform which sells the item or service. Alternatively, a lot of transactions are handled by specialized web payment services such as PayPal or Amazon, for example. However, as of recent, a... Read more
Intrusive web-advertising is everywhere nowadays. It is pretty much mandatory to have an ad-blocker in order to be able to normally browser the Internet without getting interrupted every five minutes by some nagging and obstructive pop-up, redirect or banner. This is also the reason why more and more browsers... Read more
iPhone 8 battery expanding and breaking the case
Only a couple of weeks ago came out the latest addition to the iPhone family – iPhone 8. Naturally, millions of users went on to buy the latest Apple device and enjoy its high-end features. Unfortunately, however, recently several users have reported a peculiar issue with their iPhone 8... Read more
Recently, s software-security company named Sucuri has reported that a WordPress plug-in contains backdoor malware that allows the creator of the extension to gain access to the user’s WordPress account and execute a number of unwanted actions. The name of the plug-in is X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO and it is disguised as... Read more