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Smart technology has certainly been gaining more and more ground the recent years. Currently, smart devices are everywhere – from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs, watches and even smart door locks. This is advancement in the development and usage of smart tech is sure to offer many benefits... Read more
Third revolution of Warfare We have all seen sci-fi movies and read sci-fi stories about a robot evolution set to wipe-out humanity and while twenty-years ago all of this might have seemed far-fetched, currently such a scenario appears to be more of a reality rather than fiction. A recent... Read more
The issue If you are a Windows PC user and have been one for the past couple of years, you are sure to have noticed some questionable practices coming from the developers of your Operating system. Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has faced quite a lot of... Read more
Applications in Google Store that carry malware Mobile malware is becoming increasingly common and hackers are ceaselessly trying to invent new ways of hacking into your smartphone or tablet through different malicious apps. Recently, researchers from both SfyLab and Zscaler have reported the presence of two harmful malware applications... Read more
Data collection for Firefox The Firefox browser has been widely known for its respect for user’s privacy. One famous feature of the browser is its Opt-In telemetry setting. This is a setting that enables users to allow Mozilla to gather browser data from its customers. Online data collection is... Read more
With the development of the technology and the software world, a proportional development can be observed among the ways in which the aforementioned two elements could be exploited and turned against the user for the sake of some anonymous criminal’s profit. Hackers are ceaselessly trying to come up with... Read more
Recently, the independent software security researcher Will Strafach reported that the iOS application known as AccuWeather has been detected to send personal user information to a third-party company known as Reveal Mobile. The Reveal Mobile company has stated on their website to be able to help app developers to... Read more
The Research A recent investigation by researchers from the mobile software security company Lookout revealed that a SDK (Software Development Kit) that has been implemented within over 500 mobile applications has been gathering personal data from the users and to the developers of the said SDK. The company that... Read more
Illegal Internet money extortion schemes are nothing new yet, as of recent, a significant rise in the instances of spam e-mail blackmailing has been detected by researchers world-wide. The last two instances of this boom of money extortion have been targeted at users from Australia and France. What’s more,... Read more
Bitcoins anonymity It is a well known fact that the Internet currency known as Bitcoins is extremely difficult to trace. Anonymity is one of the most valued aspects of this sort of payment method and a lot of people use Bitcoins precisely because of this trait. However, because of... Read more