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Unchecky review (anti-bundled software tool)
Software Bundles and optional clauses Bundled programs and optional installation wizard clauses are everywhere. Nearly all programs that you might try to install on your PC would have some sort of on opt-in or opt-out clause within their setup wizards and while most of the time this shouldn’t be... Read more
The TOR Browser – accessing The Onion Router
A lot of our readers might have heard about Tor and the Tor Browser – a browsing program that allows for high online privacy when surfing the Internet. However, there is much more to Tor than that and here, we will outline the basic characteristics of the so-called Onion... Read more
Rainmeter – make your Desktop come to life!
Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be nice if you could add new features to your Desktop or to simple make its outlook more appealing, interesting or pleasant. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with having the default Windows outlook on your Desktop but some of you might... Read more
Epic Privacy Browser – the name says it all
In an online world of increasing lack of privacy and constant tracking of each user’s web activities, many people might be wondering if and how they can make it so that their privacy remains intact when they browse the World Wide Web. A number of options have been made... Read more
We have already covered most bigger browsers out on the market and it is time to focus on more obscure and lesser-known web-browsing options which might still prove to offer some interesting features and abilities. Today’s pick would be a browser program dedicated to high performance and speed while... Read more
Maxthon Browser Review – a multi-functional browser tool
The browser that we are going to be focusing on today somewhat differs from most other browser suggestions on our site. The software tool that we will introduce you to today is a lesser-known browser program developed back in 2008 known under the name of Maxthon. Not many people... Read more
Google Chrome Review – the current top browser
Over the past couple of weeks we have covered several well-known and popular web browsers on our site which all had their positive traits making them a desirable choice for certain user groups. We’ve talked about Opera and Vivaldi’s many customization options, about Edge’s speed and good performance and... Read more
Brave Browser Review – online Security and Privacy
Back in the day ad-blockers weren’t something that you’d need to freely surf the internet uninterrupted. However, things have changed and the more time that goes by, the greater the amount of online intrusiveness that users face on daily basis when trying to do their work using their browser... Read more
Mozilla Firefox Review – stability, performance, customization
There is no shortage of browser programs that users can choose from depending on their personal preferences and needs. However, there are a couple of browsers that have been the top choice of the majority of people and today we will present to you one of those programs. Introduction... Read more
Microsoft Edge Review

Microsoft Edge Review

Reviews September 14, 2017 1

With the release of the latest Windows version, Windows 10, Microsoft decided that they needed to come up with a new browser to replace Internet Explorer and hopefully redeem the past mistakes that Microsoft have made with their browsing programs. This is how Microsoft Edge was created and in... Read more