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What is IoT? Before we go any further, we’d like to take a couple of moments to explain to our readers what IoT and an IoT device actually mean. IoT stands for Internet of Things – the term basically refers to the networking between any sort of device that... Read more
Abbott, a pharmaceutical company known for manufacturing pacemakers, has recently started stated that patients who use their pacemakers should go to their doctors in order to have their devices updated with a security patch. The update is supposed to fix three recently detected security vulnerabilities which could potentially be... Read more
Cex Security Breach CeX is one of the biggest online shops for second-hand IT goods where users can purchase everything from computers, monitors and speakers to games, music disks and computer parts. Being an online service/website that is used all over the world, CeX has a big number of... Read more
The Chinese government is widely-known for its strict regulations of the country’s national cyberspace. Cyber security is highly valued in China even if achieving it oftentimes requires certain measures which many might deem as excessive. Two years ago, the government of China introduced a law according to which, online... Read more
Vault 7 Vault 7 is a Wikileaks series of leaked documents related to the US Central Intelligence Agency that was started back in March, 2017. A recent in update of Vault 7 posted on the 24th of August states that a document has been leaked that suggest that CIA... Read more
New innovations and improvements are constantly being developed, tested and introduced to popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc. and today we will share with you information regarding the latest Google Chrome feature that might soon get officially implemented within the browser. The new option that is... Read more
Online piracy is nothing new and its popularity has only been growing with the years. Despite ceaseless attempts by developers, authors, artists, musicians or any other form of owners of intellectual property, theft and illegal distribution of said property using the world wide web is still seen as major... Read more
Smart technology has certainly been gaining more and more ground the recent years. Currently, smart devices are everywhere – from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs, watches and even smart door locks. This is advancement in the development and usage of smart tech is sure to offer many benefits... Read more
Third revolution of Warfare We have all seen sci-fi movies and read sci-fi stories about a robot evolution set to wipe-out humanity and while twenty-years ago all of this might have seemed far-fetched, currently such a scenario appears to be more of a reality rather than fiction. A recent... Read more
The issue If you are a Windows PC user and have been one for the past couple of years, you are sure to have noticed some questionable practices coming from the developers of your Operating system. Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has faced quite a lot of... Read more