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PirateBay once again mining Monero through CoinHive “Virus”
PirateBay once again mining Monero through CoinHive “Virus” About a month ago, PirateBay, the largest torrent site on the Internet, ran a test using the recently released a Monero mining JavaScript called CoinHive “Virus”. Monero is a cryptocurrency similar to the infamous Bitcoins which has recently become more popular... Read more
Crypto-Loot – a new cryptojacking service
Crypto-Loot We have already written a couple of articles concerning a recently developed scheme for mining the Monero Cryptocurrency known as cryptojacking. The concept of this scheme is as follows: a JavaScript code is added to a website, a web service or an app such as a browser extension,... Read more
Currently, the credit card details of must customers who purchase goods online are handled and stored by the platform which sells the item or service. Alternatively, a lot of transactions are handled by specialized web payment services such as PayPal or Amazon, for example. However, as of recent, a... Read more
Intrusive web-advertising is everywhere nowadays. It is pretty much mandatory to have an ad-blocker in order to be able to normally browser the Internet without getting interrupted every five minutes by some nagging and obstructive pop-up, redirect or banner. This is also the reason why more and more browsers... Read more
iPhone 8 battery expanding and breaking the case
Only a couple of weeks ago came out the latest addition to the iPhone family – iPhone 8. Naturally, millions of users went on to buy the latest Apple device and enjoy its high-end features. Unfortunately, however, recently several users have reported a peculiar issue with their iPhone 8... Read more
Recently, s software-security company named Sucuri has reported that a WordPress plug-in contains backdoor malware that allows the creator of the extension to gain access to the user’s WordPress account and execute a number of unwanted actions. The name of the plug-in is X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO and it is disguised as... Read more
Every browser developer that seeks to keep their product popular and used by customers should constantly struggle to modernize and reinvigorate their product. The only way big and popular programs such as Chrome, Opera and Firefox manage to remain the most widely used web-browsing options is through ceaseless improvement... Read more
Two weeks ago the latest Android OS version was released under the name of Android Oreo and users have already started to update to their devices to it. However, recently, a bug was discovered that left a number of customers dissatisfied and disgruntled by the performance of the new... Read more
Technology is currently interwoven within pretty much every aspect of our daily lives and while there might be a lot of positive sides to that, there are also a number of potential negatives. Normally, the main issue with having everything automated is the fact that wrongdoers have a greater... Read more
China is well known across the world for its strict measures and legal norms when it comes to the national cyber-space. Many regulations are introduced in order to help keep cyber-crime at bay and to help avoid any illegal online activities. For example, a recent regulation issued by the... Read more