Matterhorn Framework will damage your computer

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“matterhorn.framework” will damage your computer.

Matterhorn Framework
The Matterhorn.Framework will damage your computer pop up

“Matterhorn.Framework will damage your computer” is a warning message that a lot of Mac OS Catalina 10.15.X users seem to be getting lately. The message comes in the form of a pop-up on the screen and can be quite frustrating but, fortunately, it appears to be linked to HP printer drivers issue rather than some real security danger.

In this post, we will tell you more about the strange Mac alert and will show you some quick fixes that may help you bypass it. That’s why, if you landed on this site because you  have recently been disturbed by the “Matterhorn.Framework” will damage your computer  alert on your Mac, stay with us.

Matterhorn.Framework will damage your computer Solutions

Is your HP Certificate up to date?

One of the reasons why the  “Matterhorn Framework will damage your computer”  alert could appear is the likelihood that your driver’s license has expired. At least, according to information fond in HP Forums, this is what explains why  Mac notifies you that Matterhorn Framework is risky.

Quick HP Forum fix

Upgrading the software and the drivers with the help of HP Easy Start is one solution to the problem.

If you go for this, you need to download HP Easy Start from here.

Next, you need to follow the printer’s set-up directions. If an update is needed for the application, you will notice that the checkbox next to the Printer Essentials is checked by default and you will have to click on the “Install” button to start the update process.

If you prefer a clean install of the software, you can follow the steps shown below:

  • Start by downloading HP Easy Start on your computer and Open it.
  • Then, select the HP Easy Start menu from the MacOS menu bar.
  • Next, select Uninstall HP Software and press “Continue”.
  • Upon completion of the uninstallation process, press Set Up New
  • Follow the steps for the new device setup.
  • The installation will begin shortly. To finish the operation, follow the remaining directions of the setup wizard.

A fix from Apple Forum

There is no clear advice from Apple about the “Matterhorn.Framework” will damage your computer notification, but some users have posted some solutions to the Matterhorn Framework message on Mac Forum. Here we will share the steps that are described there:

  1. Using the Finder go to “Library/LaunchAgents”.
  2. Choose the newest and most questionable-looking file and move it to the bin folder.
  3. Repeat the same in the “Library/LaunchDemons” folder.
  4. And also the same for any questionable new entires in the “~Library/LaunchAgents” directory.
  5. You can also go to Applications, sort the list by date to see the latest ones, and remove questionable entries that have been introduced recently.
  6. Finally, restart the Mac to see if the error message is gone.

Should you ignore the “Matterhorn Framework will damage your computer” warning?

So far, Apple has not clearly flagged the “Matterhorn Framework will damage your computer” message as a false positive. For this reason, we highly recommend you to address this alert and any other security alerts of your Mac accordingly and with care since it is likely that your Mac might have detected something questionable that could potentially put your system at risk.

Bypass the Mac warning anyway

If you know what you are doing and just want to bypass the Mac alert anyway, try the following:

Right-click the app and select Open. In this way you will still get the message but you will be able to open the program.

Additional ways to bypass the Mac warning message:

  1. Open Finder and find Matterhorn.Framework
  2. Next, Control-Click on it.
  3. From the shortcut menu select Open. After doing this, the software will be whitelisted, and you can access it without getting the “macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware”.
  4. Yet another quick way to whitelist the app is to navigate to Apple Menu>>> System Preferences>>>Security&Privacy>>>General and select the Open Anyway button. This button is available only for an hour after you have attempted to access a blocked program.

Is your Mac really at risk?

From the information that is available, it is likely that this HP framework is not a real security risk to your Mac. Yet, device exploits could be possible if the issue is not handled and the necessary updates aren’t applied. Moreover, it is of great importance for the health of your machine that you scan it with a trustworthy anti-malware program that can detect and eliminate potential threats or any files that could cause system issues in the future. We recommend installing ComboCleaner to scan your systems for any threats. 


What is matterhorn.framework?

Matterhorn.framework is an HP driver that has been recently decertified from Apple. As a result your Mac will show you a warning message “matterhorn.framework” will damage your computer. You can either update your drivers or remove your current drivers with our guide.

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