How To Remove Alpha Shoppers Virus Search Engine from Chrome

Can’t Remove Alpha Shoppers “Virus” Search Engine? This page includes detailed instructions on how to remove Alpha Shoppers search engine that can be found at the bottom half of this article. Online ads are pesky and unpleasant and nowadays it is nearly impossible to go online and not be greeted by all sorts of irritating pop-ups, web offers, box messages, banners and page redirects unless you have a reliable ad-blocker. However, even users that do have an ad-blocker can become victims to an overwhelming amount of web ads getting generated onto their screen once they open their Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera or any other browser that they might be using.

How to remove alpha shoppers virus

Here, we are not talking about the regular type of ads that come from websites. Instead, our focus in the next few paragraphs would be a type of software known as Browser Redirect that is known to generate advertising materials and change your search engine from inside the user’s PC. Lately, a new program that seems to belong to this software category has been released and its name is Alpha Shoppers “virus”. Usually, the only truly effective way to get rid of ads generated by applications such as Alpha Shoppers “virus” is to uninstall the intrusive software and fully remove anything that it might have left behind. With this in mind, we have developed and put together a detailed removal guide manual which consists of a number of steps that when carried out correctly would remove the undesirable program. You can find the guide at the bottom of this post so go ahead and make use of it if you are currently struggling with Alpha Shoppers and seeking a way to get rid of it. Just remember that the main part of the article contains very important information about Browser Redirect that you might want to be aware of. Therefore, we advise you to first read everything that the next paragraphs have to offer before you go on and utilize our guide.

How does Alpha Shoppers Profit from me?

Browser Redirect is actually a highly-profitable type of software. Programs like Alpha Shoppers “virus” implement a number of online advertising techniques through which the creators of such programs can gain substantial amounts of income. The only real condition is that the ad-generating application gets installed onto enough systems.

The most notable way Browser Redirect programs generate money is through the infamous Pay-Per-Click model and by changing you search engine. Each time a user interacts with an ad created by the Browser Redirect, a small amount of money is earned for the program’s creator. A single click on an ad would, of course, not earn much, yet, when put into perspective, the overall profit from this sort of scheme can quickly accumulate a rather sizeable sum in a short amount of time.

SpyHunter is a tool to detect malware on your computer. You will need to activate trial or purchase full version to remove infections.


One thing that we will say here is that not all programs that tend to generate ads are the same. There are software applications that are actually useful and offer some sort of function but since they are free, their creators implement the ad-generating element and use the Pay-Per-Click model so that they can get financially compensated while keeping their product free. In such cases, it is up t the user to determine whether or not it is worth to keep the program. However, in most cases, an Browser Redirect program wouldn’t really benefit the actual user in any real way. Most of the time, Browser Redirect applications would simply try to display as many ads as possible until they get removed without actually offering anything useful in return.

Is Alpha Shoppers a Virus?

If you think that Alpha Shoppers “virus” is some sort of a malicious virus like the infamous Trojan Horses or Ransomware, then you are not the only one. However, that would also mean that you are mistaken. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, intrusive programs like Alpha Shoppers “virus” and other Browser Redirect are neither illegal nor are they actually initially dangerous to your system. A typical Browser Redirect generates ads – it isn’t supposed to cause harm to your computer or corrupt its system data. Apparently, this is enough to make this type of applications legal which further increases their popularity among software developers. In fact, supposedly, many malware creators have actually given up developing viruses and malware and have started creating Browser Redirect as it is both legal and oftentimes more profitable. After all, its much easier and safer to spread a program that isn’t prohibited by the law than it is to do the same with an actual virus software. That said, you must remember that Browser Redirect aren’t perfectly safe and are certainly unwanted not only because they are irritating but for a number of other reasons as well. To learn what those reasons are, read our next paragraph.

Browser Redirect issues

There is no doubt that programs like Alpha Shoppers “virus” are unpleasant and irritating but you must also be aware of some other problems that might come with this type of software.

  • One of the main issues that we have to mention here with regards to Browser Redirect is that this kind of programs might actually make your system more vulnerable and expose it to actual malware attacks from Trojans, Ransomware, Spyware, Worms, etc. It is very important that you remember to stay away from the ads, banners and box messages that Alpha Shoppers “virus” might display on your screen and also to close any page redirects that it might trigger. Not all Browser Redirect programs use safe advertising networks and there is no need to take any chances with your system’s security.
  • Another unpleasant characteristics of many Browser Redirect applications is their ability to collect telemetry data. The unwanted program might try to monitor your online activities and later send the acquired information to a remote server. From there, the data can be used for targeted advertising which means that the Browser Redirect would start displaying you ads that have been customized according to your preferences. Note, however, that you can never really know what happens with your personal data – it might only be used for the Browser Redirect’s ads but it might also get sold to third-parties that might use it in a different way.
  • Thirdly, Browser Redirect programs can potentially have a negative effect on the performance of your PC because of the increased use of RAM and CPU that they could require in order to operate. This can is especially evident on weaker computers which might experience slow-downs and even freezes due to the Browser Redirect’s activity.

Fighting off Alpha Shoppers

If you wish to avoid landing this or any other kind of undesirable programs in future, you will need to adopt a number of useful and important habits and stick to several essential online security rules.

  • First of all, it is important to remember that there are many websites out there that can trick you into downloading some shady piece of software so stay away from those. It is relatively easy to discern a legitimate and trustworthy website from one that can potentially cause trouble.
  • The next thing you need to keep in mind is that spam e-mails and spam social media messages are a favorite method for Browser Redirect and malware developers to spread their programs. Never open any new messages that look like spam and never interact with links and file attachments that have been sent to you unless you are absolutely certain that they are safe. Know that even someone from your contacts lists might send you a hazardous link or file if they computer has been hacked and taken over.
  • Additionally, having a good antivirus program and a specialized anti-malware tool for web protection can greatly improve the overall security of your machine. Also, having an ad-blocker is also a great idea as sometimes, the web ads you see that come from different sites could also be hazardous and land you some shady program if you aren’t careful and therefore click on them.

In this line of thinking, we should also mention that Google is making certain improvements towards making Chrome better protected against ad-generating and browser-hijacking programs. If you wish to read more about the improvements that Google Chrome is to receive, you can do so on this page.

How To Remove Alpha Shoppers Virus guide

Android user, please use our Android Malware Removal guide.

Mac user, please use our Mac Malware Removal guide.

The following guide will help our readers get rid of the unpleasant Alpha Shoppers “virus” software. Follow the instructions and complete each step for best results. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them using our comment section down below.

Preparation: Entering Safe Mode and Revealing Hidden Files and Folders

Before you proceed with the actual removal instructions, you will need to take two extra steps in order to ensure that the guide has maximum effect.

For best results, we advise our readers to boot into Safe Mode prior to attempting to remove the virus. If you do not know how to do that, here is a separate How to Enter Safe Mode guide.

Also, in order to be able to see any potentially undesirable files, you should reveal any hidden files and folders on your PC – here is how to do that.

Removing Alpha Shoppers “virus”

Step 1: Checking the Task Manager

Open your Task Manager by using the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys and go to the Processes tab. Look for any suspicious processes. For example, any unfamiliar process that uses high amounts of RAM and/or CPU. If you aren’t sure if a certain process comes from malware, tell us in the comments.

Right-click on any process that you consider shady and select Open File Location. Delete anything from the file location of the process.

Step 2: Disabling Startup programs

Use the Winkey + R keyboard combination to open the Run search bar and type msconfig. Hit Enter and in the newly opened window, go to the Startup tab. There, look for suspicious entries with unknown manufacturer or ones that have the name Alpha Shoppers “virus” on them. Right-click on those, and select disable.



Step 3: Uninstalling unwanted programs

Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. Click on Installed On to sort the entries by date from most recent to oldest and look through the programs that come at the top of the list. Right-click on any entries that appear shady and unwanted and then select Uninstall to remove them from your PC. If you see the name Alpha Shoppers “virus” in the list of programs, be sure to remove the software without hesitation.


Step 4: Checking for shady IP’s

Open your Start Menu and copy-paste notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts in the search bar. In the notepad file, look below Localhost and see if there are any IP addresses there. If there are some, send them to us in the comments and we will tell you if you should take any action.

Step 5: Cleaning-up the browsers

You will also have to uninstall any undesirable browser extensions from your browser programs. Here’s how to do that for some of the more popular browsers:

Remove alpha shoppers from Chrome

Open Chrome and open its main menu. Go to More Tools > Extensions. Look through the list of extensions and uninstall any that you think could be suspicious. To remove them – click on the trash can icon next to each extension.

You can also use a specialized Chrome CleanUp tool if you cannot manually remove a certain extension. Here is an article where you can learn more about the CleanUp tool.

Remove alpha shoppers from Chrome

Open Firefox and go to its Menu. Select the Add-ons button.From the left panel, select Extensions and take a look at the different entries. Remove any of the that might be unwanted.

Remove alpha shoppers from Internet Explorer

Once you open your IE browser, click on the Tools button at the top-right corner of the program and from the drop-down menu select Manage Add-ons. Check each one of the four different groups of add-ons and search for anything that seems undesirable. If you find anything, click on it and them select Remove.

Remove alpha shoppers from Edge

Open the main menu of Microsoft Edge and go to Extensions. Find the extensions that you believe could be unwanted and right-click on them. Then, select Uninstall.

Step 6: Checking the Registry Editor

Open the Run search bar again and type regedit in it. Hit Enter and once the Registry Editor opens press Ctrl + F. In the search field type Alpha Shoppers “virus” and click on Find Next. Tell us in the comments if any results came up when you searched for Alpha Shoppers “virus” in your PC’s Registry.

Step 7: Deleting recent entries

For this step, you will have to open your Start Menu and copy-paste the following lines, one by one:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Hit Enter after each one to open a file directory. In the directories, delete the most recent entries that you find there. In the Temp folder, delete all files.

Step 8: System Restore

In order to be fully sure that the unwanted software has been removed from your machine, you can also try using a Restore Point to roll back your system its last stable configuration. However, in order to do that, you would have to previously had had a restore point created. On most systems, such points get created automatically but this isn’t always the case.

  • If you want to learn how to configure System Restore and how to manually create Restore Points, follow this link.
  1. Open your Start Menu and type System Restore.
  2. Click on the first result – a setup wizard should open.
  3. Read the brief description of the process and select Next.
  4. Now, choose a restore from the presented list. You can also check the Show more restore points option in order to reveal any other restore points that might be saved on your PC.
  5. Click on Scan for affected programs to see what programs will get deleted or restored after you use the Restore Point. (optional) 
  6. Click on next and take and then select Finish.
  7. A warning window will appear telling you that once the process starts, it shouldn’t be interrupted. Select Yes and be patient as this might take some time. Do not do anything on your PC throughout the duration of the process.

Step 9: Windows Refresh/Reset

Use this method only if nothing else has worked so far as it is a last resort option. If you do not know how to do it, this separate guide will give you the information that you need.


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