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Remove Madek Virus Ransomware (+ .Madek File recovery)
The .Madek Virus in Depth What is Madek Ransomware, how does it work and how can you fight it? If this is the question that has brought you to “How to remove guide”, then you are in the right place. Madek is a recently reported cryptovirus infection, which can... Read more
Remove Vusad Virus Ransomware (+.Vusad File Recovery)
About the .Vusad Virus Recently, a number of web users have contacted our “How to remove” team, asking for help with the removal of one of the newest Ransomware cyrptoviruses, an infection called Vusad. This infection uses a very complex file encryption algorithm to block the access to the... Read more
Remove Gehad Virus Ransomware (+.Gehad File Recovery)
The .Gehad Virus in Depth Losing access to your personal files can be a huge problem if some of those files have been important to your work, education or private life. Unfortunately, you can lose data in a lot of ways: a hard drive failure, a stolen laptop, or... Read more
Remove Acwzmain.accde Trojan Virus (July 2019 Update)
What is Acwzmain.accde ?   Acwzmain.accde is a legitimate Microsoft Windows file that can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\ACCWIZ\ACWZMAIN.ACCDE. Sometimes, trojans find their way to infect such files and stay hidden under the antivirus programs radar. One such example is when Acwzmain.accde is linked to the recent... Read more
Remove Discord Virus (Kawaiibot Virus) July 2019 Update
What is the Discord Virus? The Discord Virus is a cyber threat that can use phishing methods and direct malware to obtain personal information of the users. It is an infection that is distributed via the VoIP software program Discord. The application is legitimate and used by users all... Read more
Remove Berosuce Virus Ransomware (+.Berosuce File Recovery)
The .Berosuce Virus in Depth The fact that your personal files in your computer can’t be opened because their extensions have been changed to ones that are unrecognizable to your system and because an encryption has been placed on them normally means only one thing – you have become... Read more
Remove Virus (Chrome/FF/IE) Virus in Details Regardless of not being an actual malware, this Browser hijacker may still be a portal for high-risk cyber-threats, for example, Trojan Horses or Ransomware if you keep it for long on your PC. This is because, this type of software is usually known for... Read more
Remove Herad Virus Ransomware (+File Recovery)
A new Ransomware cryptovirus that prevents users from accessing their personal files has recently been reported to our “How to remove” team and its name is the Herad Virus. This infection secretly sneaks in the system and applies a very complex encryption to different types of data in order... Read more
Remove Mac/Safari Removal Mac  Troublesome advertisements that appear all over your monitor are very likely the result from the presence of a Browser Hijacker on your system. Those ads may come from everywhere in diverse shapes, colors and types, such as pop-ups, banners, messages, redirect links, etc. They tend to... Read more
Remove Caphaw Malware
About Caphaw Malware Trojan Horse infections an threaten your computer in many different ways as those are among the most versatile forms of malware that can be encountered on the Internet. Caphaw is yet another addition to this family of software threats – it is a dangerous program and... Read more