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Technology is advancing at a fast pace and so is malware and its harmful scripts like OOPS File Virus. Unfortunately, cyber criminals seem to be always one step ahead of even the latest security software and they keep coming up with nastier and more sophisticated threats than ever. That’s why it is essential... Read more
The main theme of the following text is the manner in which a virus called Wncry Virus Ransomware typically behaves. To summarize the characteristics of this malware in brief, we will inform you that it is a Ransomware-based program, which is perfectly able to and usually DOES encrypt your... Read more
Ransomware threats such as Thunder Crypt Virus  are among the worst kind of malware that you can possibly come across. We’ve been receiving complaints regarding one of the latest viruses of this type to be released – Thunder Crypt Virus. We’re also guessing that this is why you have... Read more