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Remove (Chrome/FF/IE) – Details If you are wondering whether is some sort of a nasty virus, a Trojan, a Ransomware or another form of malware we are here to tell you that this is not the case. belongs to a category of software, better known as browser hijackers.... Read more
Remove “Virus” in depth In most cases, the online ads that most users tend to see inside their browsers come from different sites that generate ad-revenue through showing different commercials within their pages. Sometimes these ads can really get on your nerves but you can always leave the site that... Read more
Google Chrome Security Improvements
Browser security is currently more important than it has ever been with a constantly increasing number of shady applications and extensions that seek to exploit browser vulnerabilities. Every week more and more Browser Hijacker and Adware programs pop-up that try to change the default page of your browser, add... Read more
Google Chrome Review – the current top browser
Over the past couple of weeks we have covered several well-known and popular web browsers on our site which all had their positive traits making them a desirable choice for certain user groups. We’ve talked about Opera and Vivaldi’s many customization options, about Edge’s speed and good performance and... Read more
Google Chrome Cleanup Tool Review
As you might have already realized for yourself, browser programs are currently some of the most targeted elements of one’s system through which hackers and Internet crooks seek to acquire some form of access or control over one’s PC. Undesirable applications targeted at user’s browsers are everywhere – Adware,... Read more