Fax.backend will damage your computer

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Fax.backend is an unwanted and potentially unsafe software app designed to get attached to the main browser on your Mac and page-redirect your searches to promoted content. Fax.backend doesn’t give you an option to stop its page-redirects so your only option is to uninstall it.

The good news is that removing this undesirable app shouldn’t be too difficult provided that you know what needs to be done to uninstall it. If you are here to learn how to remove Fax.backend, there is a guide at the bottom of this post that can help you with that and we suggest that you complete it.

Fax.backend for Mac

Fax.backend for Mac is a junkware advertising app that promotes certain sites by page-redirecting the users’ Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers to those sites. Fax.backend for Mac also modifies the starting page and the default search engine of the affected browser without user approval.

The changes made in your browser won’t damage it or directly compromise your system but they may still result in certain security weaknesses that more dangerous threats could potentially exploit. What’s worse is that the browser hijacker would probably not allow you to restore the previous settings of the browser for as long as it remains attached to the latter. This is yet another reason why removing Fax.backend is the best option you have at the moment and why we once again recommend completing the guide provided below in order to uninstall the intrusive app.

Fax.backend will damage your computer

Fax.backend is browser-targeting malware that will take over your Mac browser and force it to advertise different types of content, some of which may be unsafe. The longer Fax.backend stays in the browser, the higher the chances of getting attacked by more hazardous threats.

Even though Macs are known for their high levels of security due to their inbuilt protective features, it is still possible for your computer to get attacked by different harmful virus threats such as Spyware, Trojans, or Ransomware. The problem with the hijacker that’s in your browser isn’t that the unwanted app will damage your computer but that it may potentially expose you to such threats through its uncontrolled ads, browser changes, and page-redirects. That is why the smart thing to do here is to eliminate the browser hijacker before it has had the chance to put your system at risk.

The Fax.backend app is a piece of legitimate software that has a browser-hijacking component added to it. The Fax.backend app is typically harmless but the moment it gets installed, you’d get the hijacker component automatically added to your browser.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future, you are advised to never download new software from unreliable sources or developers. It is, of course, safest if you only download new apps from the official App Store. However, if you want to download software from another source, only do so if you can be absolutely certain that what you are downloading is safe and has no potentially unwanted components added to it. 

Bypass Solution for Mac

Instead of double clicking on the app, just right click and press Open.
You will get a notice “Fax.backend” will damage your computer, however you will still get the option to open the program 

Bypass Additional Option

  1. Open Finder and find Fax.backend
  2. Control-Click on the application.
  3. Access the shortcut menu and click Open. After you do this, the app will be whitelisted and you will be able to open it from now on without getting the “macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware” warning.
  4. Another way to whitelist an app is to click the Open Anyway available in Security & Privacy Preferences. Note that this button would only be available for an hour after you try to open a blocked app. To reach this button, open the Apple Menu, go to System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, and select General.
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