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Iris – an eye protection software tool
With the advancement of technology, more and more people need their computers at work or use them for entertainment or for their hobbies/pastimes. Over the years, this has lead to a significant increase of the time that people spend in front of their PC screens – something which might... Read more
EaseUS Data Recovery Tool Review
Software data lost can be a highly-unpleasant predicament for both regular users and people whose work is done on their computer. There is a variety of possible reasons why one might end up losing important files that have been stored on their PC’s hard drive, on a UFD device... Read more
Learn what Google knows about you This article is all about informing you how much the Internet giant Google knows about you. Of course, there are detailed instructions attached on how to delete all this collected information about you. We hope you will find our article useful and informative.... Read more
DreamScene Activator

DreamScene Activator

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In this next guide, we will show our readers how they can set dynamic wallpapers on their desktop using an application called DreamScene. Have you ever wanted to liven up your desktop? Well, with our next suggestion you’d be able to do exactly that by setting a moving desktop background... Read more