ByteFence Anti-malware Review

In the next article, we will introduce you to a light-weight anti-malware program known as ByteFence. We will go over it’s most important characteristics and will give you information regarding its pros and cons.


ByteFence is an anti-malware program which is advertised as an all around protection tool which could detect potential attacks from Trojans, Worms, Spyware. The program also heavily focuses on dealing with unwanted bundled applications, Adware, Crapware, Browser Hijackers, etc. However, the security tool should not be seen as an ultimate PC protection option since it isn’t a fully-functional antivirus program. Instead, the software application that we will be talking about here is more of a support protection tool focused on handling less harmful threats such as the ones we mentioned.


The installation of the program is quick and smooth and has no confusing elements. Supposedly, before there have been opt-out options such as optional change of the default search engine or of the frontpage of the browser within the installation wizard but currently, there are no such settings. All you do is click on install and once the process is finished, you can choose whether to directly launch the program or not – that’s all. There were no bundled installs and no optional browser modifications which we believe is a positive trait.


As soon as we launched the program, it started an automatic Quick Scan of the whole PC. It took about 20 minutes to finish and a couple of potential risks came out in the results. The detected files weren’t harmful yet some of them could be considered suspicious (for example, a number of executables and .dll files) which is likely why the program detected them. What we noticed, however, was that during the Quick Scan, significant amounts of RAM was being used (1,5 GB on a machine with 4 GB of RAM). Of course, this is to be expected but it was worth noting.

After the scan, we took a look at the program’s interface – it is simple and easy to navigate without any overly-complicated settings. However, you would still get all the mandatory options that most PC protection programs tend to provide. For example, in Settings, you can schedule scans, manage quarantined files, manage update status and there is even a Gamer Mode. There are five sections/tabs on the program’s interface: Home, Scan, Browsers, Settings and Stats. The one section that caught our attention was Browsers.

Browser Security

As we already mentioned, ByteFence focuses on dealing with programs such as Adware, Browser Hijackers and other forms of lightweight software threats that most commonly tend to target the user’s browser. This is why it was nice to see that within the Browsers section, ByteFence provides a nice evaluation of the components of the browsers that are on the PC. In this tab, you can see the homepage of your browsers, their search providers and the extensions that they have. Next to each of those elements, you can see their security risk level according to ByteFence. For example, my Google Chrome frontpage has recently been changed by another application and the security tool regarded this as High Risk. This can be helpful since it enables you to quickly fix any such potential threats – all you’d need to do is check the element that is considered dangerous and then select Fix Checked – the program will automatically deal with the possible hazard and rid your browser of it.

However, on the downside of this feature of the program, only two out of the three browsers installed onto the computer were shown in the Browsers tab, the third browser (Opera) wasn’t listed there -we are unsure whether this should be attributed to the browser or to the anti-malware program.

Real Time protection

The security tool also provides Real Time scanning protection in order to detect any risks which might be currently coming towards your system. The scans, according to the program’s developers, are targeted at Malware and Crapware. However, there is no mention of protection against viruses such as Ransomware, which is why, as we mentioned earlier, one shouldn’t solely rely on ByteFence in order to keep their PC safe – an additional antivirus program is required to stop bigger threats such as Ransomware.

Free version vs Paid version

The free version of the program is said to provide all the scanning settings of the program but without the option to use the tool to remove any detected threats. However, once we downloaded the free version, things were different. The program had full functionality and we were allowed to both scan and fix any detected threats. However, there is a 14 day trial after which the user would need to buy the full product if they wish to continue using the program. It is up to the individual’s opinion which option is better, but it should be noted that the free version, as described on the official website of the software application isn’t the same as what you get once you download it.



  1. No bundled installs and no unwanted browser modifications during installation.
  2. Clean and easy-to-navigate interface.
  3. Low resource usage when not scanning.
  4. Browser protection.
  5. No ads.


  1. Detects files that aren’t harmful.
  2. Might cause slowdown during scan on weaker machines due to high RAM use.
  3. Might not detect all browsers that are on the PC and list them in the Browsers section.


ByteFence can be an useful tool for anyone who would like to add an extra layer of defense to their computer, especially against undesirable malware programs that might target one’s browser. However, it should be kept in mind that the program might still come with certain flaws which need to be addressed and ironed out in order for the program to become even better at its job.


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  • ByteFence Anti-Malware was driving me nuts! I was in the middle of things when about every two seconds it would be a popup that would prevent me from doing my stuff. DON”T DOWNLOAD BYTEFENCE!

  • You could at least try to be honest with the review. It completely modifies browser settings and has its own browser hijacker. It also constantly gives you false reports in hopes that you pay for the full things. It is essentially malware itself.

  • ByteFence got on our system unintentionally, possibly via an unnoticed default download option bundled with another app. As soon as the app started working it flagged our MailWasher app and rendered it unusable. Firetrust’s MailWasher has been running on our machines for many years without incident. We uninstalled ByteFence after MalwareBytes discovered that ByteFence caused the MailWasher problem. MailWasher was back to working normally as soon as ByteFense was gone.

  • Had the same problem, Was trying to book an airport shuttle and the site said I had to update flash player before progressing. Did that and noticed another unidentified site was downloading (ByteFence). Immediately stopped and restarted my computer, and thought that ended it. Logged back on, & ran quick scan with my subscrition security service (no malware detected), Started checking my emails when up popped the weird address site again saying malware was present. After that ByteFence turned into an ant at a picnic and popped up every 2 mins. I uninstalled it but really resent the intrusion of some company hijacking my computer especially without my permission!

  • Bytefence stopped working after a few months of installation. Their helpdesk took WEEKS to respond and fix the issue, during which time I already purchased from a different company because I didn’t want my computer to be vulnerable. They refused to refund the money even though it was their product that was faulty. Don’t download bytefence and save yourself the headache.

  • This is not legit, They sneak this MALWARE disquised as anti-malware in an attemp to get you to send them money. I was downloading something else for my phone with my laptop when this all of a sudden showed up. Like the other reviews said this program identifies legit software as malware or constantly pops with message trying to entice you to purchase an upgrade to protect your PC. Don’t waste your money just uninstall it and use legit security that covers malware.

  • Bytefence is an aggressive CANCEROUS malignancy!!!! Keep away and as far as you can from this rubbish.Oh, and as for those who wrote this piece of dung software; may you burn in Hell for all eternity.

  • In my opinion, ByteFence harms your PC / laptop usage more than it helps, Other reputable anti virus software are virtually invisible and did an effective job of removing virus. This damn ByteFence keeps popping up on my screen especially during critical time where my application is running (e.g. I am looking at a music sheet on screen to play piano and it pops up hiding part of the music sheet !!!). There are many other situation like this where I need my computer to continue my work smoothly and it pop up to disrupt me. The disruption is harmful, not just creating a delay in my work.
    So ByteFence is indeed a malware, virus itself as it harms my computer usage.

  • I authorized a charge of 1.75 for a trial, then was charged a few days later for 59.95 (for gate/petroleum transport services), and another charge for 0.54, and it didn’t state what that was for, although the 1.75 was never charge to my checking account!!!

  • byte fence IS essentially malware. The bot exploits a backdoor basically on every computer through which licensed anti virus companys can use to scan. its not illegal to have their ad pop up and disable your browser because they are protecting you.{ alledgedly}. yes byte fence is the malware they are trying to remove and it is a self serving removal. danger! remove byte ware by clicking and paying and you wont see byte fence anymore! yiou can bill them for interrupting your work. this method is thee most malicious trick I use to nail these scammers through their own accounts payable system. dont do more than 600 dollars at a time cause they may see it. but you can retro bill them 6 to 10 times over the course of about 3 months. they have unwittingly opened the door to getting their money through their own payment system. byte fence has bought me a new car over the last 2 years and they dont realize it. even telling them about it they still cant find the transaction. sorry folks that is proprietary information, but its out there if you look hard enough. 100% legal.

  • Purchased the 1.75 plan as recommended, but was charged 59.95. I instantly stopped the download and requested a refund. The company is refusing to refund my money stating that the website says 59.95. I was directed to a different website then the url I used. I never installed the services but is being charge for it. This company is bad business,WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY”. They do not honor their own website. I guess this is how lowdown companies try to stay in business.

    Money Back Guarantee.
    If you are the individual that purchased a subscription to the Software and are not satisfied with it for any reason, we will refund you the subscription amount you paid for your current Subscription Period (less shipping, handling, and any applicable taxes, except in certain states and countries where shipping, handling and taxes are refundable); provided that you contact us at: [email protected] during the thirty (30) day period immediately following the date in which you purchased the current annual subscription of the Software.

  • I am still trying to get a refund and they are refusing at all cost. The website clearly shows 1.74 but they are charging 59.95. How can I get my money refunded without seeking legal action.

  • I can not use my computer. Now I have to hire someone to remove this pop up. I work from home and this software has caused me to loose money. The company see this issue as a security breach.


  • I just deleted it and was surprised it took about 5 entire minutes to de-install. Most apps de-install in seconds. That had me worried but I’m glad to say I’ve hopefully seen the last of this aggressive sales pitch.

  • I Am Also Trying To Get A Refund. They Are Rip Offs. Keep Saying That They Have Refunded My Money, But Only Lying. They Are A Joke. I Reported Them To The Better Business Bureau. I Hope People Will Think Before Buying Or Doing Business With Them. They Will Not Get Away. They Will Pay. So Keep Ripping Off People Instead Of Doing The Right Thing. Still Waiting . Will Chalk It Up As A Lesson Learned And Keep On Pushing. I Hope That The 59.95 Makes Them Rich And Happy.

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