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Remove Caphaw Malware
About Caphaw Malware Trojan Horse infections an threaten your computer in many different ways as those are among the most versatile forms of malware that can be encountered on the Internet. Caphaw is yet another addition to this family of software threats – it is a dangerous program and... Read more
Remove Search Mine “Malware” (Mac Guide)
Search Mine “Malware” Search Mine “Malware” will change your default web search engine and will redirect you everytime you try to use it.   Irritating ads invading your screen each time you open Chrome, Safari, Firefox or another browser? Search Mine “Malware” is likely the culprit behind them. Of... Read more
Remove “Drive by exploit” Bitcoin Email Malware
“Drive by exploit” Email in Depth     You will receive an Email explaining that you have been hacked and you must pay in Bitcoin: Hi, I’m a hacker and programmer, I know one of your password is: ******************* Your computer was infected with my private malware, because your... Read more
Remove Cve-2018-8453 Vulnerability
About Cve-2018-8453  The representatives of the Trojan Horse malware category are definitely some of the more dangerous computer threats that you can face on the Internet and Cve-2018-8453 is among the newest additions to this malicious family. One important thing that maybe not many users realize is that the... Read more
Remove Trojan.Win32.SEPEH.gen Virus
About Trojan.Win32.SEPEH.gen If you are on this page, the chances are that you have had a close encounter with one very nasty and extremely harmful piece of software called Trojan.Win32.SEPEH.gen. This infection is a new addition to the infamous Trojan Horse family, and in case that it has nested... Read more