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Smart technology has certainly been gaining more and more ground the recent years. Currently, smart devices are everywhere – from smartphones and tablets to...

Smart technology has certainly been gaining more and more ground the recent years. Currently, smart devices are everywhere – from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs, watches and even smart door locks. This is advancement in the development and usage of smart tech is sure to offer many benefits to the customers, yet there are certain issues that tend to arise every now and then, which need to be addressed. One of the main problems with smart technology is that its software might not always be as perfect and as flawless as necessary. For example, earlier this month approximately five hundred smart doors became bricked due to a flawed update. Luckily, in that case the physical keys for the locks were still working yet it was surely a frustrating and unpleasant event.

Samsung TVs stopped working after a firmware update

A more recent example of issues with smart technology was caused by a Samsung firmware update which apparently has temporarily rendered unusable the devices of a big number of customers in the UK. The disgruntled users have stated that their TVs have started experiencing blue screens with nothing on them making it impossible to use the device. This is said to be a unforeseen consequence of the latest update from Samsung that has been delivered about a week or two ago. Ever since the update started installing on the devices, the issues with the blank blue screen began.

No resolution yet

A lot of customers have attempted to seek help from Samsung’s support team but the responses, according to some users have been late and assistance towards fixing the issue is yet to be provided. In some instances, the user would be asked leave the device turned on so that Samsung could issue a new update that would fix the problem while in others, the consumer would be told that a technician will be sent to their home so as to resolve the problem manually. So far, no new update has been released to solve the situation and a lot of people are left waiting with smart TVs that cannot be used for anything. Samsung is yet to make a public statement regarding the issue. The number of the affected devices is unknown but reports suggest that some of the exact smart TV models that stopped working properly after the update are MU6409, UE49MU7070TXXU, UE50MU6100K and UE49MU7070.


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