How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070522

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070522?

This guide is created to help you solve Windows Update 0x80070522 Error “Privilege Not Held”. The fix offered in the guide below works for solving the error in Windows 10 Update.

Usually, Windows 10 is developed to perform its processes automatically, which is great because this requires less interaction from the user’s side. However, sometimes this functionality may cause some issues by disabling users from the privileges to manage some basic processes and the way they function. From some random shutdowns, system restarts and process prohibitions to unplanned new installations, updates and changes, Windows 10 may leave users with no option to have control or disable some automatic activities. This may cause some permission conflicts between different system apps, which is the case with failed Windows Updates for example. In case that a Windows Update fails, the error code 0x80070522 identifies an issue related to such denied access.

Error 0x80070522 is a code which indicates that there is a problem with the privilege of the client. The message that usually accompanies this issue states “Error Privilege Not Held”, “A required privilege is not held by the client.” What this notification actually means is that Windows Update does not have the required permission to access some folders and system components and cannot download and install certain updates.

This is what the error message usually looks like:

To fix this problem, you need to use the official Update Assistant app. For that, you need to be logged in as the Administrator with administrator rights. If you are using Windows 10 as a visitor or a guest user, you will not have the administrator privilege to proceed with the steps further. Once you login, go to the official Microsoft website and download the official Update Assistant. You can do that by simply clicking the “Get the Anniversary update now” button. When the Update Assistant is downloaded, run the file to start it. A window will pop up, informing you about the advantages of the Assistant. You will also find an “Update now” button, which you need to click. This will run a compatibility check.

While the process is running, the Assistant will check your  CPU, memory, and disk space. A checkmark will appear on each of these if your system is compatible. Once you have all the checkmarks checked, you should click the “Next” button. This will proceed to the update download. When the update download is completed, a notification with a timer for automatic restart will appear. It is best to close all the programs you are using and click on the “Restart now” button.

Several computer restarts will take place before finally, the user login screen appears. Select the Administrator account and login. A few new privacy options will greet you on the screen – you can customize them if you wish or else, select the “Use Express settings” option. You can also customize all options you don’t want active by scrolling down to the Privacy section. When all the settings you wish to adjust are ready, press “Next”. The thing that comes next are the connectivity options –  you have three options to choose from, and you can safely turn off all of them. At the end, you will have to set the browser security settings. Leave them active and when you are done, click “Next”. All the settings that you did could easily be customized through the Windows 10 Settings app later on. After all the steps are completed, your Windows 10 Anniversary Update should be successfully installed on your computer and the error code 0x80070522 should be solved.

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