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Remove Search Marquis Virus (Mac Guide)
Search Marquis Virus in Depth Search Marquis is a page-redirecting application used by online marketers to promote specific search results that link to sponsored ads, banners, pop-ups, and predefined websites. The program typically makes some unauthorized changes to the browser’s settings, usually by installing a new homepage, a new... Read more
About Virus To trick users into subscribing to its notifications, the site will display the following message: wants to Show notifications Please tap the Allow button to continue The hijackers (Search Mine, SelectMaker or Idle Buddy are annoying and invasive pieces of software that usually get... Read more
Uninstall Microsoft AutoUpdate Virus (Mac guide)
About Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac   Microsoft AutoUpdate is a 3rd party software that keeps track of your Microsoft software programs on your Mac. Sometimes the Microsoft AutoUpdate application can be a target of a malware attack. Trojan Horse infections like the Microsoft AutoUpdate Virus can be devastating for the... Read more
Remove Spaces App (Mac guide)
Spaces App for Mac The presence of adware-based applications in the system is oftentimes a complete surprise for the users and is normally accompanied with the generation of a large number of advertisements (pop-ups, banners, ads, page-redirect messages, etc.) within the main browser. However, to your relief, these pieces... Read more
Remove Mac/Safari Removal Mac  Troublesome advertisements that appear all over your monitor are very likely the result from the presence of a Browser Hijacker on your system. Those ads may come from everywhere in diverse shapes, colors and types, such as pop-ups, banners, messages, redirect links, etc. They tend to... Read more
Remove MacKeeper Kromtech Virus Pop-up from Mac/Safari
The Kromtech MacKeeper relation. In case you’ve detected that you have got a Browser Hijacker called Kromtech set up on your computer, then you probably are looking for a way to have it removed. Fortunately, this entire post is dedicated to helping you deal with this program and safely uninstall... Read more
Remove Search Mine “Malware” (Mac Guide)
Search Mine “Malware” Search Mine “Malware” will change your default web search engine and will redirect you everytime you try to use it.   Irritating ads invading your screen each time you open Chrome, Safari, Firefox or another browser? Search Mine “Malware” is likely the culprit behind them. Of... Read more
Remove SelectMaker “Virus” (Mac Guide)
SelectMaker – Details If you have a Browser Hijacker such as SelectMaker in your system, you are very likely to constantly experience automatic page-redirects to different websites full of ads, banners, and pop-ups. You are also very likely to notice some changes inside your main browser, such as homepage... Read more
Remove LoudMiner Malware (Mac Guide)
About LoudMiner Malware Trojans such as LoudMiner affect millions of users worldwide every year. It doesn’t matter if the victims are big corporations or regular web users – those threats attack all. The main purpose of those pieces of malware is to obtain important information from a computer or... Read more
Uninstall MatchKnowledge “Virus” (Mac Guide)
MatchKnowledge “Virus” in details One of the most annoying things that can happen to your web browser is for an adware application to get installed in it like Top Results “Virus”. The consequences of that would typically include some form of ads generation on your screen throughout the duration... Read more