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The vulnerability of the Internet
Can you imagine today’s world without the Internet? Of course, without the Internet, humanity would still continue to function but a lot of the progress we’ve had throughout the past couple of decades will be gone since a lot of it is contributed to this weird invention called the... Read more
Throughout the past few years the notorious Ransomware type of malware has become one of the worst cyber-threats and, as the time passes, it only seems to be gaining more momentum. 2017 has been a year marked by a number of big Ransomware outbreaks with businesses, schools, hospitals, subway... Read more
The beginning of the 21st century is undeniably a time of rapid development of technology. According to Moore’s law, every two years the number of transistors in dense integrated circuits doubles meaning that the we are getting more and more computing power at a very quick pace. Here, it... Read more
Flying cars within ten years? – Enter Uber Elevate!
Recently, the well-known transportation technology company Uber has made a deal with none other than the The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) regarding the Uber Air (Uber Elevate) project which revolves around flying urban civic transport. Last year, Uber announced that they are looking into offering their customers... Read more
The future has arrived – Waymo / Google self-driving cars are now a reality
Since the the middle of the last month the autonomous company Waymo, the vehicle section of Alphabet (Google’s parent company), has been running tests with automated, self-driving minivans around the roads of Arizona. Many of you might have already heard about this Waymo project under the label of Google... Read more
How to setup and use Amazon Alexa app for Android
In the article we explain How to setup and use Amazon Alexa app for Android. Alexa is an AI assistant similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. It is integrated within several devices such as the Amazon Echo which allows the user to give voice command that Alexa would... Read more
Firefox 57 will add full Tracking Protection
Online privacy is quickly becoming more and more important as currently the methods of gathering personally-identifiable data are more than ever before. Browser tracking is one such method through which websites and web services can obtain private telemetry data regarding the user’s online activities and Internet habits. Though most... Read more
Watchdogs Free Licence for PC to Uplay clients
Ubisoft has issued a Watchdogs free giveaway for PC and anyone who wants the game would be able to get it as long as they use Ubisoft’s Uplay client From 7th to 13th November. Regardless whether you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual user who likes to... Read more
Anime site Crunchyroll Down and hacked to spread malware
Couple of days ago, it was revealed that the popular anime website Crunchyroll was down while getting hijacked by hackers that used it to distribute malware to the visitors under the guise that the virus was a desktop streaming application. A statement was issued on the website for visitors... Read more
iPhone autocorrect bug replaces “I” with “A”
Recently, a lot of iOS users have reported a weird and frustrating keyboard/text message bug on their devices. When typing a text message, if the user types the “I” letter, an autocorrect suggestion pops-up offering to replace it with the “A” letter. Though the user can still choose to... Read more