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Bitcoins anonymity It is a well known fact that the Internet currency known as Bitcoins is extremely difficult to trace. Anonymity is one of the most valued aspects of this sort of payment method and a lot of people use Bitcoins precisely because of this trait. However, because of... Read more
There is no denying that the issue with Browser Hijackers is real and that each day thousands of people fall victims to this sort of undesirable and potentially hazardous sort of malware. However, every now and then improvements are being made towards enhancing and improving the online safety of... Read more
Applications that collect personal data are nothing new. In fact, it is commonplace for software developers to implement features within their products that collect personal data from the user, related to the use of the said application. Such data can later be used for enhanced advertising as well as... Read more
Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with each passing year – and for a good couple of reasons. It is, for all intents and purposes, inexhaustible and, in addition to that, it also serves as one of the most environmentally-friendly sources of energy that we use en... Read more