Top Malicious (Virus) Processes Library 

On this page you can check for the most common malicious applications infecting general PC users. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to bring up your Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. Look for suspicious processes. Click back to this browser page and Hold Ctrl + F on your keyboard to enter the search console in the top right of your screen. From there type in the processes that look suspicious to you. If they come up, you might want to close them before continuing with the next steps in our guide.

Top Malicious Processes Library

Process Name Common Name
winlogon.exe WinLogon trojan
jusched.exe Troj/Banker-BOV
10aba34-5619.tmp 10aba34-5619.tmp
CDProxyServ.exe XCP.Sony.Rootkit
svchost.exe svchost trojan/virus
VistaDrive.exe VistaDrive
$hp2F63.tmp $hp2F63.tmp
csrss.exe Agobot virus
services.exe Backdoor trojan
SearchSettings.exe Search Settings
qttask.exe Win32.Drugtob
F0C7.exe F0C7.exe
$sys$DRMServer.exe XCP DRM
VVSN.exe WhenU ClockSync
flashget.exe FlashGet
spoolsv.exe Win32.Rbot.WO
rphelperapp.exe rphelperapp.exe
8ECAA.exe 8ECAA.exe
lsass.exe Possible Virus
Explorer.EXE Possible Virus
msmsgs.exe Possible Virus
gtbcheck.exe gtbcheck.exe
485E.exe 485E.exe
105ac750-5016.tmp 105ac750-5016.tmp
tbgqdfl.exe tbgqdfl.exe
64CB.exe 64CB.exe
Ocl.exe Ocl.exe
gamelauncher.exe gamelauncher.exe
100.tmp 100.tmp
B576.exe B576.exe
1DE1.exe 1DE1.exe
DSUpdate.ts3 DSUpdate.ts3
air89.exe air89.exe
YontooSetup-S.exe YontooSetup-S.exe
QuickTimeInstaller.exe QuickTimeInstaller.exe
E81E.exe E81E.exe
2183.exe 2183.exe
picasa39-setup (1).exe picasa39-setup (1).exe
GiantSavings.exe GiantSavings.exe
PopularScreenSavers.exe PopularScreenSavers.exe
100E.tmp 100E.tmp
Server-Stub-117.exe Server-Stub-117.exe
[email protected] [email protected]
10aebb03-5876.tmp 10aebb03-5876.tmp
Bikini02.Scr Bikini02.Scr
ExeFile.exe ExeFile.exe
convPlay.dll convPlay.dll
dfr8FAF.tmp.exe dfr8FAF.tmp.exe
Coupon CompanionGui.exe Coupon CompanionGui.exe
dnu.exe dnu.exe
EF8B.exe EF8B.exe
bho.dll bho.dll
IWantThis_ppi.exe.un.exe IWantThis_ppi.exe.un.exe
Play65.exe Play65.exe
BuzzdockSetup-Silent.exe BuzzdockSetup-Silent.exe
0.7789855875491154.htm 0.7789855875491154.htm
4D9B.tmp 4D9B.tmp
72F9.exe 72F9.exe
bmufa-64.exe bmufa-64.exe
88F9E.exe 88F9E.exe
airC36.exe airC36.exe
install_flash_player.exe install_flash_player.exe
Nix.exe Nix.exe
Trojan-PWS.Onlinegames Trojan-PWS.Onlinegames
YourFile.exe YourFile.exe
air58F9.exe air58F9.exe
flash-player.exe flash-player.exe
WindowsXPKeygen.exe WindowsXPKeygen.exe
_Setupx.dll _Setupx.dll
MSI6D15.tmp MSI6D15.tmp
D613.exe D613.exe
Trojan.Win32.Small Trojan.Win32.Small
dcomfpmp.dll dcomfpmp.dll
GiantSavings_US.exe GiantSavings_US.exe
A26D.exe A26D.exe
redirect.html redirect.html
ezLooker-S-Setup_Suite1.e… ezLooker-S-Setup_Suite1.e…
AdWare.Win32.Agent.aeh AdWare.Win32.Agent.aeh
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