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We are writing this article in order to provide our readers with some important information and tips regarding a newly released malware infection – a PC virus called Shamoon Malware. This threat is highly dangerous and might be able to cause harm your PC and to your virtual privacy... Read more
If you suspect that your computer might have recently gotten infected by a dangerous malware program of the Trojan Horse category known as Trojan.html.phish.smal01, then this article is going to provide you with the necessary information that you may need in order to clean your computer from the potential... Read more
You most probably have been totally shocked to receive an email that asks you to pay a bitcoin ransom to an anonymous hacker in order to stop them from sending some sensitive information about you to all your contacts or from damaging your PC with a malware virus that... Read more
If you are one of thousands of users to receive an email about “Cisco router, vulnerability CVE-2018-0296“, please be aware that it is infected with a Trojan horse. Feel free to read more about it and use our removal guide (second half of the article) in case you have... Read more
Any PC virus from the Trojan Horse category is a cyber threat that should not be taken lightly – representatives of this malware group are typically highly dangerous and tend to have various harmful capabilities. Here, we will tell you more about Win32/Wajagen.a – this is yet another recently... Read more