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  If you’re sure Big Picture Pop Virus is the cause responsible for the intrusive pop-up Adverts and redirects you’re going through you’re probably...


If you’re sure Big Picture Pop Virus is the cause responsible for the intrusive pop-up Adverts and redirects you’re going through you’re probably not far from the truth. This application is infamous for having such agenda and many people are seeking a way to take it off. Some advertisements professionals believe that they are capable of making money by shoving down adverts down people’s throats and they are responsible for the creation of programs like this one. (You can find our removal guide at the bottom of the article.) In many cases Adware programs are cautiously sneaked together with other program, that’s in fact free and helpful, however, not always. Any program which crosses the border between profiting via adverts to turning into an nagging advertising tool can be called Adware and for a good reason. With all this in mind it should be now obvious that Adware applications aren’t always completely useless in every case, some people could even end up being persuaded to allow them to remain on their computer given that they get something for free. Such people learn to ignore the adverts and aren’t really aggravated by them. Readers of this article, however, are likely searching for a method to get rid of the Adware without any hesitation and we will attempt to aid them. The removal instructions that we’ve created for this article will aid users in eliminating this nagging software from their systems.


When most people experience the nuisance of Adware their 1st belief is that their personal computer might have been infected by a computer virus. This is not really correctpc viruses are nasty bits of computer code intended for a specific tasklike spying, data encryption and , etc. To include an illustration for a destructive computer virus, let’s acknowledge ransomware. Ransomware Is noted for its capability to make the user’s data files inacessible plus it blackmails the owner for ransom pay out to be able to restore them. Anybody anxious that their pc was the victim of a virus could perhaps get a break now – Adware is usually removed free of serious problems. And that we mean that you are advised to keep annoying Adware such as Big Picture Pop installed on your computeron the contrary. However it is crucial that you cope with this threat while remaining relatively calm. The wretched reality is that a number of Adware utilities are regarded as legal as seen by law and therefore a great number of anti-virus software will ignore them without taking action against them.


Within this paragraph, we’re going to give you a overall idea of what likely problems Big Picture Pop and adware overall might possibly possess. Adware applications contain the bad habit of going through the user’s recent browser history. Studying the recent searches made by the user allows the Adware to generate the most user-oriented Ads. The key reason why this is harmful is because this information may be later on resold to third parties. Many regard this as a a major problem. It is fairly easy to understand why why – no person would like to have their personal privacy violated. The nature of the ads produced is one more issue. For instance, some of those banners and pop-ups you see could mislead the user. Adware software programs aren’t malicious programs such as viruses, yet some of the invasive adverts may serve as redirects to pages that have contain harmful software and put the computer under threat. From there, you can get infected by all sorts of malware. Although instances of this are fairly rare, potential risk of it happening to you is certainly there.


If you are seekingthe best way to get rid of the Adware consider this – it is always preferable to not get infected in the first place. If you know how to identify unsafe internet websites, torrents and programs you’ll acquire the most effective security and safety for your Computer system. Adware, like Big Picture Pop, is primarily installed by means of file bundles. Frequently, some free or cheap software applications have the unwanted adware bundled with them. To be able to see whether that is the case with a program that you want to get, you will have to opt for its advanced/custom settings. Alas, people have a tendency to forget about this option and continue with the quick installation, subsequently, they usually get such software programs without noticing them. A good rule of thumb is to at all times study the EULA, before installing any new software. Reading the EULA is fairly annoying to go through tough, this is why simply clicking the advanced installation option during the installation process can uncover the additional applications. From that point, you can uncheck whatever appears potentially intrusive, consequently leaving it out of your PC. This easy step can basically get rid of the problems that might come if the adware getsinstalled and removes the need to be removed later. Our final word of advice for you is to obtain applications exclusively from internet pages that are reliable and trustworthy, while avoiding any shady or shady ones.

Big Picture Pop Virus Removal Guide

Step 1

  • Start by revealing Hidden Files. Ask for detailed instructions in our comments section if you don’t know how to do this, find hidden files guide here. 
  • To disable all potential threats from manipulating your settings and recovering after being deleted, it is recommended you work under Safe Mode.
    This will leave your system working  on its essential processes.  Click here for Safe Mode guide.

Step 2

Home-Start button -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program.

Uninstall a program

Look for the Adware and uninstall it.

Click on Installed On.

Installed On

Delete anything installed recently that you deem to be suspicious.

In Search type -> msconfig -> press Enter.


Now, Startup -> disable entries listed with Unknown Manufacturer.

Unknown Manufacturer

Step 3

Home-Start button -> Search-> type “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” -> hit Enter.

Open hostsfile

Anything different from the picture below – you might be in danger!


Contact us for more information!

Step 4

Chrome Icon Big Picture Pop Virus Removal from Chrome

Chrome Bars -> More Tools -> Extensions.

Chrome Extensions

Look for the Adware and remove it.

Firefox Icon Big Picture Pop Virus Removal from Firefox

Firefox bars-> Add-ons -> Extensions.

Firefox Add-ons

Locate the Adware and delete it.

IE Icon Big Picture Pop Virus Removal from Internet Explorer

IE-GEAR -> Add-ons -> Toolbars and Extensions.

IE Add-Ons

Find the Adware and remove it.

Step 5

Start the task manager by right clicking on the taskbar.

Start Task Manager



Review processes -> check for anything suspicious. Right click on each questionable process -> Open File Location -> End the process -> delete the directories where the files have been located.

Step 6

Home-Start button -> Search -> Type subsequently:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Temp Folder

Press Enter after each search. Review each Folder -> delete recent entries.

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