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INTRO SECTION Stubborn ads that keep on appearing while you’re surfing the Internet can be a very maddening subject. The Ads delivered by the...


Stubborn ads that keep on appearing while you’re surfing the Internet can be a very maddening subject. The Ads delivered by the Adware are often remarkably irritating. Consequently, it is genuinely easy to understand why many people are trying to find tips on how to stay away from the pop-ups and completely dispose of them. In most cases, indicators such as the ones we’ve just mentioned are related to Initial site 123 – an adware application. The good thing is, in this post ., we will give you everything you will need so as to comfortably cope with these kinds of unpleasant applications(You can find our removal guide at the bottom of the article.)


A lot of users, when forced to deal with the Ads generated by Adware, come to believe they are fighting some kind of dangerous software. In fact, the word virus has become a collective term for anything that may go wrong with a computer, however this is not a the correct term that should be used when talking about Adware. Adware is a type of software which is separate from virusessurely Adware programs may be annoying, but in general they aren’t damaging. A computer virus can erase and steal information, spy on the victim and more.Some our readers could have heard of ransomware, a nasty type of virus. Ransomware is a worldwide issue capable of stealing millions of dollars from its users by holding their files as hostages until a ransom has been transfered. The virus example presented wasn’t supposed to frighten you, but to explain why Adware alllow for a bad comparison to ransomware and other pc virus dangers. You are not in serious danger, so chill out and continue with the removal instructions


Even though Adware is simply not as dangerous as a software virus, still it poses some risk to pc’s afflicted with it. Yet, provided that the user doesn’t click on any of the Ads, that threat is significantly reduced. Adware is created to mislead users into purchasing programs that they don’t clearly need. This means that all varieties of questionable and quite shady market techniques are utilized when the Ads are generated. Adverts displayed by this software are not merely frustrating, but may be dangerous too. Second-rate goods are much more likely to end up being advertised using Adware. One frequently applied scheme used by Adware and advertising software in general is that these programs go through the log archives of the internet browser and try to figure out the user’s pursuits and hobbies to produce Ads, which could raise their curiosity. Even though this method is not unique to the marketing area, it remains something we percieve as inappropriate, notably if this info is then resold to third parties. Getting rid of Initial site 123 from your system is thus something you should do as soon as you can. Just like TV commercials, Internet adverts must never be counted on, in reality they are far more threatening. A prominent TV channel is easier to take legal action against in case there is a scam in comparison to a dummy enterprise owning some shady Adware software. Don’t assume all Adware ads are dangerous, if truth be told most are not. Having said that, Adware continues to be dangerous and must be handled appropriately.


Probably the most important things that you should be aware of when talking about adware adware is how those applications get spread throughout the internet. If you realise how to detect Adware for what it actually is, you will find that your PC is way better secured. Individuals need to be vigilant when installing new software programs – Adware programs, like Initial site 123 , can get on your PC coupled with other software programs with the help of the so called file bundle technique. This aims to get users to download certain software programs, without actually being aware of it. Considering the fact that few are ever going to go out of their way to get adware, it’s grouped together with freeware, shareware, torrents and other similar programs. Such software programs bundles are in turn frequently found on open source download websites, for instance. One of the key mistakes an individual tends to make when installing new software program is to select the regular installation option. In its place, you should select the advanced or custom settings. By utilizing this option, you should be able to see if you are about to install any unnecessary additional software programs. It is now a wise course of action to ban from installing whatever questionable programs were added there. Normally, the prudent course of action is to stay away from shady webpages that spread around free software programs. Remember that getting the adware eliminated is not to say that you should let your guard down. Anti-virus and anti-malware software programs are a extremely important defensive tools in the battle against malware. It is a fact that reliable anti-malware software are not free, but the live protection they give you is completely worth the price. Once you’ve bought a dependable source of System protection, remember to use it by frequently scanning your computer for potential threats.

Initial site 123 Removal Guide

Step 1

  • Start by revealing Hidden Files. Ask for detailed instructions in our comments section if you don’t know how to do this, find hidden files guide here. 
  • To disable all potential threats from manipulating your settings and recovering after being deleted, it is recommended you work under Safe Mode.
    This will leave your system working  on its essential processes.  Click here for Safe Mode guide.

Step 2

Home-Start button -> Control Panel -> Uninstall a program.

Uninstall a program

Look for the Adware and uninstall it.

Click on Installed On.

Installed On

Delete anything installed recently that you deem to be suspicious.

In Search type -> msconfig -> press Enter.


Now, Startup -> disable entries listed with Unknown Manufacturer.

Unknown Manufacturer

Step 3

Home-Start button -> Search-> type “notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts” -> hit Enter.

Open hostsfile

Anything different from the picture below – you might be in danger!


Contact us for more information!

Step 4

Chrome Icon Initial site 123 Removal from Chrome

Chrome Bars -> More Tools -> Extensions.

Chrome Extensions

Look for the Adware and remove it.

Firefox Icon Initial site 123 Removal from Firefox

Firefox bars-> Add-ons -> Extensions.

Firefox Add-ons

Locate the Adware and delete it.

IE Icon Initial site 123 Removal from Internet Explorer

IE-GEAR -> Add-ons -> Toolbars and Extensions.

IE Add-Ons

Find the Adware and remove it.

Step 5

Start the task manager by right clicking on the taskbar.

Start Task Manager



Review processes -> check for anything suspicious. Right click on each questionable process -> Open File Location -> End the process -> delete the directories where the files have been located.

Step 6

Home-Start button -> Search -> Type subsequently:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Temp Folder

Press Enter after each search. Review each Folder -> delete recent entries.

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